Translated by Donald Winkler

Published: 16 July 2012
ISBN: 97809568082-2-6
ISBN Kindle: 9780956808295 (£4.62)
140 pages

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“Grandpa, how big is the universe? How far are the stars? How can we tell the sun’s age? Are we stardust? What is thunder? Is the universe expanding? Do black holes exist? What is the future of the universe?”

“The book was born from conversations I had with one of my granddaughters, on certain summer evenings. All during its writing, I was able to relive those August evenings when the children showered me with questions while we awaited the shooting stars. The contemplation of the heavenly vault and the sense of our presence among the stars inspired a shared wish to know more about this mysterious cosmos in which we live. Here we will be talking about science, but that in no way rules out poetry.”

Hubert Reeves

In this book, master astrophysicist Hubert Reeves unlocks the secrets of the universe. This is his spiritual testament to younger generations and a perfect occasion for us all to revise our conceptions about the cosmos.

Leading international expert in Astronomy and Cosmology, Hubert Reeves is the author of more than 20 influential science books, many of them best sellers.

“This is a friendly and easy introduction”

“Reeves’ fascination with the history and ultimate fate of the universe, and with the role we play as a conscious part of it, is beautiful and infectious. The reader gets a taste for the history and philosophy, as well as the facts, of science, and the conversational tone makes these very complex ideas accessible to teenagers and adults alike.”

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