Published: 6 December 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9574624-0-3
ISBN kindle: 9780957462434 (£1)
ISBN Epub: 9780957462441 (£1)
198 pages

Price: £9.99

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Sam Olyphant is a big man: gargantuan, strong, heavily muscled. His older brother Alex is even bigger. They’re both handsome, successful and think they have absolute control of their lives. But as children of alcoholic parents who abandoned them to be brought up in care homes, they remember intensely having no control at all. Now in their early thirties they are compulsive bodybuilders; Alex is hiding a secret addiction; and Sam desperately searches for love that has always eluded him. When Sam is involved in an accident, events overwhelm him and he’s forced to reassess the true meaning of family, and finally confront what it means to love and be loved. The Olyphants are about to discover their self-control is fragile; their strengths really weaknesses.

“The Olyphants are Cut Up is a wonderful novel”

“The Olyphants are Cut Up is a wonderful novel, experienced like a film shot through mottled glass – coming in and out of focus with the details evoking the bigger picture again and again. Inside the straining muscle and bone of the lead characters, Evans locates the nerve centre of their vulnerability, the place we all share.”

Nigel Levy, writer/director

“A thoughtful window on life, muscle and the hunt for weightlessness. Just the idea cuts you up.”

DBC Pierre, Man Booker Prize winning author of Vernon God Little